Bindermichl Tunnel, Linz

A tunnel... A park... A Green Roof for the community!

Panoramic view of the park on top of the Bindermichl tunnel. To the right, blue road signs can be seen at the tunnel exit. 

The Bindermichl tunnel encloses a major motorway in Linz, Austria. The tunnel was designed and built to reduce noise pollution for the many residents living in neighbouring apartment buildings. The busy road carries an estimated 100,000 vehicles a day, but from the peaceful park above you have no idea.

The Bindermichl Tunnel is 1062 metres long. It was built in conjunction with the Niederhart Tunnel (580m) for a cost of around 150million â‚¬. Construction began in 2003 and was fully operational for cars in November 2005.

Park Bindermichl-Spallerhof (open 2007) covers the entire length of the Bindermichl Tunnel. It is a fantastic green space open to the public. Walking/ bike paths, playgrounds, a skate park, basketball courts and sitting areas ensure this park is used by community members of all ages.

The overwhelming feeling is that people use and enjoy this newly created green space. Once a busy main road which essentially divided the city now brings residents together. 

As an added extra enclosing the A7 autobahn has allowed for further construction directly by the park. At the southern entrance to the tunnel a sport centre (also with Green Roof) has been built. More apartments were also being built close to the Muldenstrasse intersection (photo in gallery above). It is clear that people are more than happy to now live (and play) in this area.

Costly to build yes.... But the lasting effects for the residents of Linz are priceless.   

Panoramic view at the southern end of Park Bindermichl- Spallerhof