Barcelona, Spain

Green to be seen

Peix Sculpture viewed over a domed green roof at Olympic Marina, Barcelona

When you think of colours synomomous with Barcelona you instantly think red and yellow or red and blue. The proud Catalonian history and passionate support for a successful football team bring these colours to the forefront of the mind. It is one of the worlds most colourful, culturally rich cities. An estimated 8 million tourists visit Barcelona every year. It is famous for Gothic and Modernista architecture with numerous buildings named by UNESCO as World Hertitage Sites.

Stop for a moment to view Barcelona from a green perspective... Green spaces constructed by man blend harmoniously into the city landscape... Green Roofs of different sizes, uses and appearances are scattered throughout Barcelona.

Plaça de Catalunya, Private Residence

In a town where only the most diverse stand out amongst the crowd, it can take a lot to get noticed. Appearing as an oasis in a desert of endless rooftops this lush, green roof terrace certainly catches the eye from every possible angle. The small but very special green space seemingly sprouts skywards from the top of the building, 16 stories above one of Barcelona's busiest and most iconic squares.

Comprising of a densely vegetated green roof and a number of lush green walls the private roof terrace is certainly something special.

Parc del Forum

Parc del Forum is located 6km north-east of the centre of Barcelona. The area is directly on the Mediterranean Ocean and has numerous uses. At sea level it is harbour for smaller vessels, above is the man made 'park' which serves as a multi purpose entertainment precinct. Constructed for the 2004 Universal Forum of Cultures the area which sits on reclaimed land is more of a cultural park, rather than a traditional, vegetated, green park. However there are grassed areas, which essentially are green roofs above the boat building yards below. The area also has a gigantic photovalatic cell, which symbolizes Barcelona's endevour to become more a more sustainable city.

Alella Bicycle Parking

20km north-east of Barcelona the small, historic town of Alella has a public, modern green roof installation. A lockable bike garage at a bus interchange is covered by substrate and a thick healty, sedum. The vegetated roof is only 15 metres long, and about 1.2 metres wide but in this high profile location it catches the eye of those passing by. Raising the question, 'What else can be made into a green roof?'

More Green Roofs from around Barcelona

Other public green roofs across Barcelona include the Design Museum at Plaça de les Glòries Catalanes, Biblioteca (Library) Zona Nord located in the hilly northern suburbs of Barcelona, and the Olympic and Sports Museum located on Montjuïc hill. 

For further information about green Barcelona (including Parc del Forum) visit the official Barcelona Tourism website-